Introducing the Dogs of InkedWith

I figured it would be good to start introducing the dogs of InkedWith. What better way is there to have you learn more about InkedWith is there than seeing some of the "staff"? There are three dogs here at the office. Here is a great example of an early Monday morning staff meeting!

staff meeting at InkedWith


This staff meeting is attended by Dobby (the larger short hair), Albus (the piebald dapple long hair), and Oscar Meyer Wiener - aka poot (the smaller short hair). 

Let's Meet The Staff of InkedWith


Dobby is our oldest Dachshund at 3 and yes he is our house elf. Looking back, we should have probably named him Kreacher. Kreacher's temperament as a house elf lines up more with our Dobby.

Dobby is the first doxie we brought into the house. Before doxies, we had a large yellow lab as well as a mixed large dog as well. Dobby does not realize that he's a little dog as he thinks he's a 95lb lab. Dobby got to play with both dogs before they departed us. He was supposed to be a mini dachshund but he's roughly 23lbs so I think we might have been misled a little.

Despite being a little grump from time to time, Dobby is just a great little dog. He loves to go shopping and socialize with people. We've had him to the beach where he owned it. He even "accidentally" took a 7 mile hike through a state park. We thought we were taking him on the 3 mile loop and ended up on the longer hike. Needless to say, we all slept good that night.


Keeping with our Harry Potter theme (we'll also show off some of our Harry Potter ink in future posts and social media), Albus is indeed named after Prof. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. He is 2 years old and our second dachshund. For those that are not familiar with dachshunds, Albus's coloring is called piebald dapple.

Albus's temperament is quite different than Dobby's. Albus will let anyone touch his paws and hold him. We tried taking both dogs to the groomer and Albus had an amazing time. Dobby did not stay. We also wonder if the lights are on but nobody is home sometimes with Albus. He's sometimes a little ditsy.

Oscar Meyer Wiener (Poot)

We told the vet that his name is Oscar for sure but in all honesty, we all just call him Poot. I'm not sure if he even knows any other name than Poot. He is about 6 months old and is ALL puppy. He has some similar characteristics to Dobby but we're still seeing what his real temperament will be like.

Intro Wrap Up

So now you've met the important staff members at InkedWith! We'll start posting some more pics of them on our social media so you get to enjoy them like we do. After introducing the dogs of InkedWith, we ask you to post some of your very own staff on our social media or in the coments.

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